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¤ And there, without any intention, I killed Batman ¤

My name is Gregory KEROUAC,
I’m a photographer.

In this world where everything has to go faster and faster, drived by our smartphones, our appointments, our planes to catch, and all these imperatives that lead our lives, to practice photography is like having a break, to force you to take your time. Because to make a real picture you must take your time, the time to understand the scene that is happening, to analyze it and to go around it. You have to isolate yourself to compose the picture. In any case, this is how I have been practicing photography for years now, and, more than a passion, it has become a real need for me.
In our cities where everything goes quickly, many places are forbidden to us, because they are under construction, because they are places with « reserved » access, because we want to hide them from the public. I visit these places, sometimes with a permission, sometimes without it, because I can’t stand forbidden areas. Accessing the hidden places of the planet means understanding how it works, its quirks, and more generally, understanding the world. It’s true, sometimes it makes me feel wasted or angry, but most of the time it fills me with happiness. So, while most people live their life as hurried men, I contemplate them from a rooftop, in a solemn calm, that is only disturbed by the clicks of my trigger…

My name’s Gregory Kerouac, and I am a Photographer

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